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Poronaysk Lighthouse

Lighthouse Poronaisk class 3 is set on the eastern coast of Sakhalin Island in the town of Poronaisk, on the right bank of the mouth of the river Poronai, at a distance of 100 meters from the coastline, at a height of 3 meters above sea level.

Lighthouse Poronaisk occupies a land area of ​​0.1 hectares.

International number of the lighthouse on the UK to publish a description of lights - M7875.

The geographical coordinates of the beacon Poronaisk: 49 13,40 N, 143 07,11 .

Construction of the lighthouse was conducted in 1963 - 1965 years. It was built in the lighthouse itself - 8-sided pyramid-shaped reinforced concrete tower 28.0 meters with a cylindrical lantern construction height 4,81m and diameter of the inscribed circle of 2.90 m.

In 1965 the tower was installed lantern construction. It has a bunk glazing height of 1.60 m. Each tier has 12 square convex mirror glass 8 mm thick. Dome buildings were made of stainless steel.

Inside the tower is arranged half-pace steel staircase that leads to the construction of the lantern.

The area of ​​the lighthouse is fenced. House for no light keeper at the lighthouse, as a lighthouse located in the lighthouse and employees recruited from the local community.

A lighthouse is a tower, building, or other type of structure designed to emit light from
a system of lamps and lenses and used as a navigational aid for maritime pilots at sea
or on inland waterways.

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